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Grand Master Tasos Tziamalis (5 Dan)

“Traditional Taekwon-do makes you strong in Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Grand Master Anastasios Tziamalis

The unusual exercise movement of techniques and the synchronization which must be developed improves concentration and balance of body and mind. The results of the training gives you the confidence not to give up, but to always try and succeed.

In traditional TaeKwon-Do, the aim is to strengthen body and mind and to promote creativity through self-expression, not to break down or destroy. Emphasis is placed on each student’s own self-improvement. We learn through discipline and self-control to become courtesy and humble and how to think more spiritually so we can respect and help people.

Never forget that…!

With constant physical and mental exercise humans find balance and calmness.

You lead to self-discipline and he develops correct attitudes in all the behavior of his life.

Anastasios Tziamalis, Director and teacher at B.M.S. Training Center


1973 Born in Paphos – Cyprus
1989 Begins Taekwon-do Traditional at Mr. A. Shaeles school in Paphos
1991-1993  serves Cyprus army and still train himself in taekwon-do.
1994 became black belt 1st dan by grand master Kwon,Jae-Hwa in Paphos-Cyprus
1995 established the Traditional Taekwon-do Black Belt Center chlorakas in Chloraka – Paphos
1998 Become an affiliate of International school of Paphos and maintains cooperation until today.
1999 became 2 dan in New York city by grand master Kwon,Jae-Hwa
2004 established the (Body,Mind,Spirit  Training center) Traditional Taekwon-do School  in Mesoyi- Paphos
2005  became 3 dan in New York city by grand master Kwon,Jae-Hwa
2008  established the(Body,Mind,Spirit  Training center)  Traditional Taekwon-do school in Pegia – Paphos
2009  organizer of the 20 years Taekwon-do in cyprus the biggest festival of traditional taekwon-do Cyprus with 370 athletes of Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Austria, and Korean under control of the grand master Efstratio Papadelli 6 dan.
2009  become 4 dan by grand master Efstratio Papadellis at the festival  for the 20
2012  established  the Traditional Taekwon-do Association “Spirit”
2015  Becomes Black Belt 5th Dan in Korea (Taekwon-do won) by Grand Master  E. Papadellis
2019  organizer of the 30 years taekwon-do Cyprus in Paphos with  athletes of Cyprus, Greece, Germany, under control of the grand master Efstratio Papadelli 6 dan

From 1989 till today he has traveled and participated in numerous courses Competitions / Demonstrations representing Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do worldwide.

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