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School of Traditional Taekwon Do

At B.M.S. Training Center you will learn the art of Taekwon Do as it was originally taught by the grand master Kwon,jae-Hwa.


Become flexible & strong with martial arts training

Why Traditional Taekwon-do?

It is a complete and safe martial arts system for all ages.

Come and get a free training week

As a student at BMS, I have experienced a life-changing journey that I will forever cherish. From the moment I stepped onto the mats, I knew I had found more than just a martial arts school; I found a supportive community and a pathway to personal growth.


BMS Tae Kwon Do has been life-changing! The supportive community and skilled instructors have empowered me with discipline, resilience, and confidence. Training here pushed me beyond my limits, both physically and mentally. I now face challenges with courage and determination, thanks to the invaluable life skills I’ve gained. BMS is more than a school; it’s a second family, fostering personal growth and unleashing the warrior within. If you seek transformative experiences and a place to thrive, BMS Tae Kwon Do is the perfect choice.